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You are a sleep sergeant , your children must be deprived.

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

A Title I hold with great pride.

There are many words that come to mind over the years when described by family and friends. One of my all-time favorite is the sleep sergeant. One of the reasons I have been given this awesome title is because of the insanely early bedtimes I have always chosen for my children.

Babies and children require much more consistent sleep especially overnight. What works best for my family and children is to get them into bed at an early time. This seems very inconsistent and unrealistic to many parents. I always ask what is more important to work to get your child on the right track sleeping or going to the latest event, party or ball game during the week?

Children rely on us to create the right bedtime.

When I had children, I had to figure out what worked best for my children and put it into place. Of course so much more goes into a child’s sleep then their bedtime, but this is always a great start. I recently came across a fantastic article that defended early bedtimes. I ask you to take a glimpse into the article and see that some of their points are very thorough. Click Here to take a quick read and you will be enlightened on some interesting information and facts about early bedtimes. What do you have to lose to consistently try to have your children in the bed early each night. Over time it is interesting to see the difference it can make in your child’s behavior and demeanor. If your children go to daycare of preschool, ask them if they have noticed any changes in your child’s behavior when an earlier bedtime has been in place consistently over time.

Lets get to the bottom of the sleeping issues.

Does a schedule and early bedtime go hand in hand in helping have a better sleeping child, yes, but does that mean it will cure all of your sleeping issues, of course not. An early bedtime is only a small piece of the puzzle, there are many other factors that can cause for sleeping issues. If you are ready to take the next step and develop a peaceful sleeper you can email me or visit my website

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