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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Are you a certified sleep consultant?
    Yes, absolutely! Not all sleep consultants have the adequote certifications and backgrounds and not all sleep consultants are created equally. A Certified Sleep Consultant has undergone thorough training through a certified course along with udnerstanding and implementing sleep science, normal sleep issues and a wide variety of sleep coaching methods and techniques. Certified consultants are often mentored under very experienced consultants, with the goal of ensuring that your family gets the very best in baby, toddler and preschooler sleep support. Finally, qualified consultants are members of recognized sleep consultant associations, guaranteeing that they continually have access to the most up-to-date information about safe and evidence-based sleep. Along with these certifications, I posses bachelors and masters degree in early childhood and education, meaning I have the back ground and credentials to work one on one with children and unstand the importance of educating familes on propers needs to support a healthy baby or child. This background provides me with the ability to assess sleep issues from a highly thoughtful and analytical perspective, ensuring that I get to the bottom of your sleep issues, pinpointing the exact cause(s) in order to develop a highly effective plan.
  • Will you be using a cry it out approach?
    Absolutley NOT! I feel a child should feel loved and supported during this process. I want parents to be along to help, guide and support a child to healthier sleep. I will take a variety of methods and techniques to reach your family's individual sleep goals.
  • What is the best age to begin working with you?
    It is never too early to begin implementing healthy and age appropriate sleep foundations. I work with newborns through the early elementary age students and the sooner we begin the better we can set in place healthy sleep habits.
  • How long with it take to achieve our sleep goals?
    While I can not pin point an exact timeframe, seeing every single baby or child will progress at their own pace, I can guarentee if you are committed 100% during our time we will have healthy sleep set into place and achieve the sleep goals that we set out to achieve at the beginning or our time. This is a team effort, I will be in your corner cheering you on and helping guide you through our time together. You will become apart of my family during and even after our time ends!
  • Is it too late, will we never sleep again?"
    NO!!! It is never too late to begin working on your childs sleep. We can get started today to healthier and qulity sleep for your child and entire family!
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