Helping Families Develop Peaceful Sleepers


”We were desperate to find someone that would truly help us with sleep training our 10 month old at the time. He was sleeping with us in our bed, and would wake several times a night. We were at a loss and didn't know what to do since our first born was such a great sleeper.

We found Kelley, and as soon as I talked with her over the phone, I knew she was the one for us. I felt so comfortable with her and trusted her immediately, something I didn't feel with other sleep trainers I had inquired with.

Kelley prepped us with notes, was supportive, very responsive and
helped monitor our son's sleep. She was helpful every step of the way. She implemented training that did not make us feel bad about how we were sleep training.


By night two, our son was sleeping in his crib all night, going down easily and without a fuss. By night three, he was sleeping all night without any wakings or feedings.


We felt brand new! 


We love her {Kelley} and will recommend her to any parents we know!


We are so thankful for her, and wouldn't have wanted anyone else to help us sleep train our child! 5 stars isn't enough.


Wish we could give her 10!

—  Laura, Mother of Two Boys 

Kelley Thompson 

Life runs smoother when you are getting the sleep you need and deserve- including this journey through parenthood. Having a baby or child does not equal sleep deprivation for everyone. It is possible to set healthy sleep foundations and education at any age.


Hi, I'm Kelley, a certified pediatric sleep consultant,  Mom of 3, and former elementary school teacher. For the past 6 years I have helped many exhausted families around the world reclaim the joys of parenthood with healthy sleep habits.


I have been in your shoes and understand the path down the endless road of sleep deprivation. Having a baby myself that has suffered from many health issues and rough patches of sleep, guided me to helping educate families on the importance of healthy sleep foundations and creating Serenity Sleepers.


Proud to Be:

Certified Sleep Consultant, Infants and Young Children

Voted One Of The Best Sleep Consultants In The U.S.

Certified Elementary and Middle School Teacher, State of Tennessee



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