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Certified Sleep Consultant Services
Sleep Packages

0-4 Months

You've recently welcomed your little one into the world, your arms, and your heart. Life is filled with so much love and a completeness you've never felt before...except for the fact that you're exhausted from lack of sleep!

Sweet Peas
5-24 Months

You survived the newborn stage and you thought sleep would be more solid by this point; however, you are now left questioning where you should go from here with your sleepless baby. 

Toddlers  &  Preschool

You survived the first few years of life with your vibrant baby, and now you are entering the toddler or preschool years and sleep is still non-existent or suddenly taken a turn for the worst with new nap & bedtime struggles!

Baby and toddler sleep education

Hey {tired}  Parent, if your  baby isn't sleeping, I'm here to help! 

Serenity Sleepers is committed to helping you and your family develop peaceful sleepers locally in Nashville and virtually throughout the USA & around the world using only the safest, healthiest and most gentle approaches. As a certified sleep consultant for babies and young children, I strive to give parents and care takers the ability to help their little ones develop healthy, strong and peaceful sleeping habits.

baby sleep milestones

How Can Serenity Sleepers Help Your Family?

Night wakings           

Eliminating sleep props

Night weaning     

Bedtime battles

Nap issues    
Creating the right sleep environment

Pacifier dependency

Age appropriate sleep schedules

Early morning wakings       

Sleep Regressions  


...And so much more!

Elite & VIP packages also include developmental milestone support from our very own pediatric Occupational Therapist. Sleep and development go hand-in-hand, as milestones can often cause sleep disturbances due to little ones processing and practicing new skills during sleep hours.  Bailey will assist families with questions concerning rolling, reaching, sitting, crawling, baby equipment, and etc. so you're not having to frantically Google search because a licensed, trained professional is already on board and ready to help!

Disclaimer: While Bailey is an Occupational Therapist, this is not considered a Occupational Therapy service.

When You Only Need a Little   Guidance
With Your Little One's Sleep

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about your child's sleep habits and just need some input and simple advice on what to do? 


Our additional service packages are the perfect fit for parents looking for a 1-on-1 phone consult to ask all their questions and get answers on what to do to remedy sleep concerns for children of any age (newborn to preschool).

Great for developmental leaps, bumps in the sleep road, nap transitions, sleep regressions, or one area of sleep concern that you can't seem to figure out, this package will be the right package for you! 

Complete guide to sleep regressions

Are you struggling through a sleep regression?

Sleep regressions are common between the ages of 4 months through 3 years old. While it's perfectly normal and temporary, regressions can quickly become frustrating for parents and their little one(s). 

Contact Us

Kelley Thompson, B.Ed, M.Ed

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Bailey Garcia, MOT, OTR/L

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Helping Families Develop Peaceful Sleepers Locally in Nashville and Virtually Around the World! 


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