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Nashville toddler sleep consultant

Toddlers & Preschoolers
Hi {tired} toddler parents! You survived the first few years of life with your vibrant baby, and now you are entering the toddler or preschool years and sleep is still non-existent! You constantly find yourself questioning what you should do to help your child sleep better but you're just not sure how to do it!  
*HSA/FSA approved by most plans under sleep hygiene and sleep deprivation education. 
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  • 30 Days of Support with a Customized Sleep Plan for Your Family

    • Weekly Check-ins

  • One (1) Private, 30 minute Video Call Consultation

  • Access to me via Voxer app & Baby Connect app 

    • Responses within 48 hours

  • One Follow-up 30 Minute Check-in Phone Call

    • Scheduled when you feel you need the most assistance to get on track or adjust when hitting bumps in the road

  • Developmental Milestones Support  with Bailey Garcia, MOT, OTR/L

  • Access to Exclusive Educational Sleep Support Documents 

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  • Customized Sleep Plan For Your Family

  • One (1) Private, 30 minute Video Call to discuss implementing your plan

  • 2 Follow Up Emails*

  • Recorded Video Replies (as needed)

  • Baby Connect App Access

  • Access to my Educational Sleep Support Documents
    * Consultation to be used within 45 days

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45 Minute Phone Consult


  • One (45) Minute Phone Call 

  • Set in place a game plan for your child moving forward

  • 1 follow-up emails to be used within 30 days

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Well Rested Toddler Nashville

A Customized Sleep Plan...

Together we will develop a plan that establishes a foundation for healthy sleep for your toddler, which includes age-appropriate sleep needs and routines. Your custom plan will include tips for:


  • Extinguishing bedtime struggles 

  • Creating the ideal sleeping environment

  • Strategies to encourage falling and staying asleep independently

  • Transition to a toddler bed smoothly

  • Maintaining toddler daytime naps

  • Handling middle of the night wake ups

  • Support and understanding on how developmental milestones play a role in a sleep, including tantrums and meltdowns


Sleep packages also include additional help, support, and information from my Educational Sleep Support Documents that details topics such as: sleep hormones, sleep environment, wake time chart, toddler routines, nighttime potty training, AND SO MUCH MORE, to ensure you are set up for future success.

What Toddler Clients Say

"When we began working with Kelley she clearly laid out what to expect from our toddler, ourselves, and her support. She encouraged us to really be there emotionally for our toddler and communicate to her what was going to take place.

Bailey Garcia, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, also provided support in understanding developmentally what to expect and why our toddler had certain behaviors. SO HELPFUL.

Both Kelley and Bailey supported us every step of the way in helping her sleep.

Within the time they suggested our toddler improved and is now sleeping in her own room all night! We couldn’t be more thankful for these two amazing women."
Nashville Mom and toddler Sleep

Imagine If...

  • You felt confident in reading your child’s cues and establishing a sleep routine that has Mom, Dad, and toddler happy!

  • You are able to embrace the toddler stage and set up for sleep success and less worry.

  • Get your life back on track with renewed energy and confidence and reclaim the joys of parenthood

  • Envision how it would feel to be confident and empowered to help your child consistently get solid and age appropriate sleep to grow, learn, develop and thrive each day from healthy sleep foundations to create lasting sleep success for the entire family!

  • Defeat Sleep Deprivation and take back your nights!

HSA & FSA Approved   by most plans under
Sleep Hygiene & Sleep Deprivation

Most HSA & FSA accounts will have you pay for services upfront and then reimburse you once you submit your receipt to your HSA/FSA company. ⠀⠀

Serenity Sleepers will provide you with a personalized invoice with in-depth information showing you are paying for services related to sleep deprivation and sleep hygiene for your family. Once the invoice has been paid, you can submit it to your account services for reimbursement.

Please note: Every account service has their own policies for sleep services and you will need to check your policy to verify sleep services are covered under your plan

Baby Playing with Building Blocks

Developmental Milestone Support

All Elite & VIP packages include Developmental Milestone Support with Bailey Garcia, MOT, OTR/L to help navigate the effect that development takes on sleep! 

  • Bailey been a pediatric Occupational Therapist for 10+ years, and as a peds OT, she supports parents and their children master milestones.

  • For toddlers Bailey assists with emotional regulation, setting boundaries, understanding language & social-emotional development and their link to tantrums, potty training, picky eating etc.


Bailey has a large bag of tricks to help families tackle toddler milestone challenges and can't wait to help your family! 

Disclaimer: While Bailey is a licensed Occupational Therapist, this is not considered an Occupational Therapy service.

Complete guide to sleep regressions

Are you struggling through a sleep regression?

Sleep regressions are common between the ages of 4 months through 3 years old. While it's perfectly normal and temporary, regressions can quickly become frustrating for parents and their little one(s). 

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Kelley Thompson, B.Ed, M.Ed

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Bailey Garcia, MOT, OTR/L

Pediatric Occupational Therapist

Helping Families Develop Peaceful Sleepers Locally in Nashville and Virtually Around the World! 


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