Bailey Garcia, MOT, OTR/L is a trained and licensed Occupational Therapist since 2011 who has dedicated her career to the field of pediatrics. Having served in many different settings, Bailey has gained a vast knowledge of childhood development and ways to facilitate growth through the usage of practical play skills. She is passionate about helping parents generate ideas and find information to help make child development (& sleep) less of a mystery. Bailey is continuously expanding her knowledge through continuing education courses in both development and sleep in order to help Serenity Sleepers families. Bailey and her husband Victor have two young sons, who have given her first-hand experience of the challenges and joys that accompany parenthood.

  Bailey offers developmental milestone consults exclusively for VIP Serenity Sleepers families. Sleep and development go hand-in-hand, as milestones can often cause sleep disturbances due to little ones processing and practicing new skills during sleep hours.  Bailey will assist families with questions concerning rolling, reaching, sitting, crawling, baby equipment, and etc. so you're not having to frantically Google search because a licensed, trained professional is already on board and ready to help!

Disclaimer: While Bailey is an Occupational Therapist, this is not considered a Occupational Therapy service.

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I'm a certified pediatric sleep consultant, mom of 3, and former elementary school teacher. For the past 6 years I have helped many exhausted families around the world reclaim the joys of parenthood with healthy sleep habits.


I have been in your shoes and understand the path down the endless road of sleep deprivation. Having a baby myself that has suffered from many health issues and rough patches of sleep, guided me to helping educate families on the importance of healthy sleep foundations and creating Serenity Sleepers.

Proud to Be:

Certified Sleep Consultant, Infants and Young Children

Voted One Of The Best Sleep Consultants In The U.S.

Certified Elementary and Middle School Teacher, State of Tennessee

Prior to becoming a certified sleep consultant. I obtained a bachelor and master's degree in early childhood and middle school education and had the pleasure of working with children for many years. Through the years I have developed a strong passion for educating myself and others on creating healthy and safe sleep environments for babies and children. After having my first son, who is now 8, I knew setting up and implementing the best sleep foundations was of highest importance. I became the ‘sleep guru’ to family and friends over the years and new I wanted to take it to the next step. Almost four years ago I took the plunge to become certified and live out my true passion, helping families develop peaceful sleepers and implement healthy sleep education.

I completed my certification through the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting and continue to take continuing education courses yearly. I was also recently voted one of the top sleep consultants in the United States!

Serenity Sleepers is committed to helping families develop peaceful sleepers using only the safest, healthiest and most gentle approaches that are based on the proper sleep science. My methods are unique and individualized taking a variety of approaches to help that individual child or family, there is no one size fits all or cookie cutter approach to my methods. Over the years I have always had a passion and desire for working with infants and children. Every child and family has a unique and different situation, and everyone should be treated with great care. One of my top priorities is devoting my time and efforts to make sure I create the right individualized sleep plan to meet each family’s needs. Educating parents and families on age appropriate sleep techniques and methods is extremely important. Teaching others how to implement the right sleeping strategies to meet their individual needs is one of my top goals. Being able to give parents and care takers the ability to help their little ones develop healthy, strong and peaceful sleeping habits is one of my main goals.

Life runs smoother when you are getting the sleep you need and deserve, especially on this journey through parenthood. I love helping tired Moms and Dads find excellent resources and support, as well as providing 1-1 customized sleep programs for better sleep. Having a baby or child does not equal sleep deprivation for everyone.


It is possible to set healthy sleep foundations and education at any age.


Medical Disclaimer:

You agree that the information/advice provided during this consultation is not medical advice. The advice is for informational purposes only and is intended for use with healthy children with common sleep issues that are unrelated to medical conditions. The information provided is not intended nor is implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Always seek the advice of your physician with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or the health and welfare of your child, and before following the advice or using the techniques offered during this consultation. In no event will Kelley Thompson be liable to you for any claims, losses, injury or damages as a result of reliance on the information provided. All though all attempts have been made to verify the information provided is accurate, Kelley Thompson does not assume responsibility for errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter within the consultation. Reliance on any advice given by Kelley Thompson & Bailey Garcia is solely at your own risk.*

Ready to Work With Me?

Serenity Sleepers offers both 1-on-1 customized sleep packages, courses, and additional services to fit your family's sleep needs.

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