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Why This Time Of Year Sends Chills Down My Spine

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The importance of car seat saftey, this is a question I get often and car seats are one of my favorite topics, as I have a very personal reason for investing time and money into only the best car seats. I always knew it was extra important to take care of your children when travelling, but in 2014 that reality really hit home and showed me just how important this decision could be for our entire family.

It has been exactly two years ago to the week that our lives were turned upside down. It was a rainy and cold December day in which we had just finished up with a wonderful day at church and Sunday school. I was 8 months pregnant with my second child and my three-year-old son was strapped in safely into his Britax Advocate seat in the back seat of our Honda accord, which ironically, we had just purchased exactly one year earlier to this December day. My husband was driving and we were less than one mile away from our subdivision. I was sitting in the passenger seat and just as I had glanced back to smile at Easten and hold his hand our world was completely changed in the next seconds. There was a sharp curve ahead which we were very familiar with as we traveled this road for years. We saw a white SUV travelling at a high rate of speed as he came around the corner and all we could say was he is flying and he is going to hit us head on.

There was a row of trees to our right, a large fence on the left hand side of the road and all we could do is pray and brace for the impact to land In a small ditch in between the row of trees. As he quickly over corrected and lost control of his vehicle the entire SUV turned sideways slamming head on into our car. We quickly went down an embankment into the ditch narrowly missing the row of trees. Gasping for air and unable to realize just how bad this accident was, I took a quick peek at my son in the back seat properly fastened into his Britax Advocate car seat that had not budged. As the first responders and cops arrived many of them noted the proper child restraint and the magnificent safety of my son’s car seat keep his injuries to only a few scratches and bruises, which looking at the scene should have been much worse than they truly were for that situation. My husband and myself were also buckled up keeping our injuries to a minimal. I sustained the brunt of the injuries, but again God was watching over us to protect our entire family, including my sweet baby girl who was protected inside my tummy. With God's protection along with the car seat safety we had always implemented while this situation had lasting effects, physically we were all in good shape. 

Once you have gone through an event that is engraved into your mind for the rest of your life you quickly find reassurance in just how important it is research and invest in the proper infant and child restraint devices. I spare no expense when it comes to the proper infant and child car seats, this is one area I can safely say is one of our families top priorities. 

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