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Why Should I Hire A Certified Sleep Consultant?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Lets face it, mounds of information surrounds us today on our children and how to address any problem that may come along the way. You can even find mommy groups, blogs, free articles and a great deal of information to help with any sleep issue parents may deal with for their infant, toddler or preschoolers.

Many times there is so much information you spend hours researching and reading and by the time the hours have ended you simply forgot what sleep problems you began to research in the first place. Also, you may have asked sleep questions in a mommy group and now you have 30 different approaches and responses to answer your one sleep question. Your head is spinning and all you want is to get sleep back into your family’s life. Many times parents have researched, read, tried various programs and still they are needing that individualized plan and support to help their little ones sleeping issues. 

I tend to ask the questions how many times have we paid a nutritionist or trainer to help get our diet and exercise routine on point? For many, we know the foods that fuel our body and workout routines to help chisel our physic, but having someone who is trained and certified to find a plan that speaks specifically to our body and philosophy is number one priority. You can find plenty of apps, guides, blogs and plans on the internet to finally have your body back on track, but the problem is there are always bumps in the road and having that one person to hold you accountable and help change course is vital.

The same concept applies when looking to hire a certified sleep consultant. Sleep is the foundation of a healthy body, mind and soul. Every human being requires sleep and without proper sleep, it is hard for our bodies to function at optimal levels. When it comes to your child’s sleep every situation is completely different and each child and family needs a plan that fits properly to their needs.

Another concern is too many times we waste our money on the latest gadget or devices that are the miracle cure to solve our babies sleep problems. Instead of investing our time and money into the overall health and well being of your child and implementing the proper sleep foundations. 

It is important to know who you are hiring and making sure the consultant is a certified sleep consultant and has the proper training and continuing education to address your personal situation. I take great pride in my certifications, being a part of highly recommended sleep associations and continuing to learn and stay up to date on the most current sleep science and education for baby, infants and young children. I also take great pride in being recommended by pediatricians, medical physicians, psychologist, pediatric specialist and holistic health care providers to name a few. 

If you are ready to take the next step and get your baby or young child’s sleep on track, please reach out and lets discuss your options. You can email me Check out my website for helpful tips and other blogs.

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