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Why Are You Holding Back Your Sleep Secrets From Tired Parents?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The question I tend to hear on a daily basis, my baby or child will not sleep and here is his problem, what should I do to fix this issue? This is a loaded question with a range of possibilities and answers. Furthermore, babies sleep science is extremely unforgiving at this age and there is never a one size fits all approach. You can dive into the internet, buy the latest and greatest baby sleep books, reach out to your friends or ask a mommy group on Facebook to give ideas and suggestions. Many of my clients come to me who have gone above and beyond to “fix” their little one’s sleep inconsistencies, the problem is with any of the options above you do not have the one on one approach and guidance of someone to address the daily hiccups that will arise along the way. Every age and each phase comes with various approaches, and my clients soak up every ounce of support I have to offer.

You see I am not trying to hold back information or hide my deepest and darkest secrets as a certified sleep consultant I merely cannot breakdown your entire situation in a quick email, text or short chat. I do not have the itty bitty details that may be minor in your thoughts, but a huge red flag on finally getting sleep on the right track. The one factor that many do not realize is the importance of sleep science and sleep education behind what I do each day. I am an advocate of teaching, guiding and developing peaceful sleepers and this entails a great deal of research and science behind my philosophies and teachings. This is why I have different packages to meet the needs of each family and each unique situation. I want to give and provide the soundest advice and this involves a great deal of work, time and effort on my part. Daily follow ups, research and continuing education courses help keep me moving forward to work with each family and their personal situations.

I am a former elementary teacher and helping others is a huge part of my DNA. If you ask for help I will bend over backwards to do what I can, but please remember there is more to what I do then a quick fix and easy 3 step process to developing peaceful sleepers. I have spent years and hundreds of hours making sure I am increasing my knowledge to be able to better help others in one of the most important areas of their life, the foundation of sleep. The same concept applies when you hire a personal trainer, nutritionist or life coach. These individuals are trained and certified to meet your specific needs and this involves a deep dive into your personal life and situation. It takes endless hours and a holistic approach to breakdown each unique sleep condition.

Please feel free to email me at or head over to my website to sign up for email to help stay up to date on the latest newsletters and blogs. I am happy to help and love hearing from you each week.

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