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The Travel Season Checklist For Families.

The summer season is here and everyone is ready for floats, bathing suits and time to wind down and relax. The traveling season can be over whelming and emotional for those with babies and young children. Here are some fun tips and tricks to remember when you travel with your small children.

1) If you plan on staying at a hotel call ahead they have cribs available to use so you are not lugging a pack n play on the airplane and through security. Remember bring your own sheets and sleep sack for babies this will be a comfort of home for your little one. If you have an older child remember their blanket and favorite sheets and stuffed animals.

2) The next option is to bring your own pack n play or portable crib. A baby or small child should have their own enclosed sleep space. This will help remind them of home and not begin habits of bed sharing or co sleeping while on your trip. Click Here to check out a portable crib.

3) Stick to the normal routine and schedule the best you can. I know on actual traveling days it is hard to stick to a day time schedule, but getting your child into the bed at a decent hour will help settle them from their big day.

4) It can take a little more work for some babies when out of their own environment, but do not start a new habit such as rocking or nursing to sleep. This will only create a headache for you when you return home and another habit to try and break. 

5) Plan naps around your day, an overly tired baby or child will put a kink in any of your plans. Before you begin your day know when you can set a time for your little one to catch a good nap, therefore they will not have meltdowns and outburst due to lack of sleep.

6) Extra onesies and clothing in your travel bag. It never fails anytime there is an extended time in the car there were always explosion diapers, in which those clothes are tossed, so travel in old play clothes too! PS bring a few plastic grocery bags to place those saturated clothes in that you do not want to throw out for the duration of the trip.

7) Always bring a thermometer for the trip. Low and behold we went on vacation when my son was two years old. He had never been sick more than a common cold he wakes at 4 am burning up, I had no Tylenol or Thermarator. We travelled 30 minutes to the nearest Walmart and I NEVER forget these items except this one trip. Lesson learned moving forward.

8) Now I seek out every hospital, urgent care and pediatrician’s office before heading out on our trips. This trip there was no urgent care within 30 minutes of our condo. Number one priority now always locating the closest medical offices before we book our trip!

9) Pack your baby's favorite carrier and stroller. I never knew how important a good baby wearing carrier could be, until my third baby last year. I never go anywhere without the light stroller and the Lillebaby, especially while travelling. 

10) Snacks are vital, especially if you are stuck in traffic for hours or have delays at the airport. Think ahead and plan your kiddos favorite go to snacks, I never leave the house without fruit pouches, cereal bars and veggie straws! Of course also throw in some waters and drinks just in case. 

Many expectant mothers will also be heading out for the travel season. It is important you take extra steps to prepare for the road trip.

Checkout the latest guide HERE by Lena Borrelli on travelling while pregnant and how you can make the trip more comfortable!

A well-rested child will be more successful and easier to stay on track while traveling or on vacation when it comes to sleep. If you are ready to take the next steps and have your child headed in the right direction to peaceful and restful sleeping email me at or head over to my website serenitysleepers.

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