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The Perfect Season To Find the Right Black Out Options.

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

The importance of having a baby or child’s room prepped for the right sleep conditions is important for little ones and parents. One question I repeatedly hear is, but I want my child to be able to sleep and adapt no matter the light conditions outside. It goes deeper than just forcing a child to sleep through the sun rising each morning. Over the years I have begun to learn the true importance of sleep education as it relates to lightness and a child’s sleep. The good news is there are many options depending how much light you want to enter the child’s room anytime they are going to sleep day or night.

A child’s circadian rhythm (internal clock) has been set and directed to wake and sleep at certain times. When you have a child that is asleep their circadian rhythm directs them that it is time to wake up for the day. In return as soon as their internal clock is on high alert their eyes peep open to see the sunlight. This will fuel them and their little bodies will be ready to begin their day even if it is only 5:30 a.m. During the long summer months, I tend to see a spike in the complaint department in regards to early morning risers, as we have much longer days, the sun is rising earlier and setting much later in the evenings. Baby Sleep Science gives us a simple answer and in turn we can quickly understand why black options are important for a baby or child’s room. “Our circadian rhythms are designed to reset to light exposure and we are particularly sensitive to light in the mornings. This means that just a tiny change in the lighting in your baby’s room may lead to a ‘locked in’ early waking. It’s important to note that it’s not the light that will wake your baby up, it’s that if your baby wakes up early for any reason and sees light, his body will immediately start to change in response to the light exposure and promote the drive to wake up at that time the next day.” There are many options on the market and you do not have to choose complete darkness for your child’s room.

Grandmother’s Drapes:

I tend to steer parents towards drapes that are adamant they want their children to be able to sleep during day light periods, just as they do during the night. This is a good option so parents can choose the quality, material and thickness of the drapes determining how much light can enter the child’s room. I also recommend having the drapes completely pulled during the evening and early morning times to help their little one sleep better overnight. If parents want their child to be more adapted to naps during the day they can simply leave the drapes pulled back during the day differentiating between night time and day time sleep. You can also be creative and choose drapes that coincide with your nursery colors or themes.

BlackoutEZ Window Covers:

These are one of the best window covering choices on the market for parents who truly want to create an ideal environment for their children’s bedroom. On another note, these are great for adults that work night shift and need a completely dark environment to help them sleep during the daytime hours. These are extremely simple to install, require no tool and most importantly they will not damage your windows in any way. If you would like to learn more about these window covering, please visit my website HERE. These come highly recommended by other sleep consultants, sleep associations and other parents.

Window Films:

I still prefer this option for my son’s room and we chose these five years ago. You can decide how dark or light the film should be for their windows. These films are simple to apply and they can be cut to fit your windows. This way parents feel like they can still control the amount of light that may enter a child’s room day or night. These can easily be purchased at Home Depot or any other hard ware store. Please click HERE if you would like to see the many options for window films.

As you can see there is a variety of choices when it comes to window coverings. You can decide the type and quality, and which option you feel would be best for your child’s room. Feel free to email me at or visit my website to learn more about the ultimate sleep environment for your little one.

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