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The Complete Guide to Sleep Regressions: Newborn Through 36 Months

Updated: Jun 8, 2022

If you are a parent the chances are good that you have been through at least one sleep regression, and they are not always easy to understand and navigate. Don't worry there is an answer and a solution to your sleep regression troubles! We are proud to introduce our new in-depth guide that will take you through each sleep regressions and help you proactively understand how to get through them at each age.

baby sleep regressions

We developed The Complete Guide to Sleep Regressions with your busy schedule (and exhaustion!) in mind. The 7 video-based lessons are all less than 15 minutes and include ways to help your family prepare and survive sleep regressions until the age of three!

The Complete Guide to Sleep Regressions is self-paced, allows repeat access as new sleep regressions are on the horizon, and offers quick takeaways for you to reference as you navigate each regression.

What's in the Guide?

This guide was created in collaboration between a certified sleep consultant, Kelley Thompson, and a pediatric occupational therapist, Bailey Garcia, in order to help you understand not only the sleep changes happening but also the developmental changes. The Complete Guide to Sleep Regressions covers everything from what exactly a sleep regression is, how to address it at each stage, and how developmental milestones effect your little one's sleep from the newborn stage until the age of 3!

What are Sleep Regressions?

  • Signs of Sleep Regressions

  • Why do They Happen?

  • Common Ages Sleep Regressions Occur (FREE Chart Available)

Fundamentals of Sleep

  • Laying a Solid Sleep Foundation

  • Healthy Sleep Environment

  • Establishing a Bedtime Routine

4 Month Sleep Regression

  • How Sleep Has Changed

  • Matured Sleep Cycle

  • Helping Your Little One Through the 4 Month Sleep Regression

  • Example 4 Month Schedule

7-9 Month Sleep Regression

  • Big Developmental Changes

  • Navigating the Milestones

  • 3 to 2 Nap Transition

  • Helping Your Little One Through the 7-9 Sleep Regression

  • Example 7-9 Month Schedule

12 Month Sleep Regression

  • Hello Toddler!

  • Beware of the 2 to 1 Nap Transition

  • Helping Your Little One Through the 12-13 Month Sleep Regression

  • Example 12-13 Month Schedule

18 Month Sleep Regression

  • Big Emotions and Big Expectations

  • Helping Your Little One Through the 18 Month Sleep Regression

  • Example 18 Month Schedule

24 Month Sleep Regression

  • Big Changes in Language and Cognitive Skills

  • Thinking About Moving to a Toddler Bed?

  • Helping Your Little One Through the 24 Month Sleep Regression

  • Example 24 Month Schedule

36 Month Sleep Regression

  • The "Why?" Phase

  • Changes in Sleep Needs

  • Helping Your Little One Through the 36 Month Sleep Regression

  • Example 36 Month Schedule

This Guide will Help You to:

  • Prepare for all sleep regressions 4 months through 3 years of age

  • Help you understand why sleep regressions occur

  • Provide quick takeaways to help your child through each sleep regression

  • Establish the fundamentals of sleep

  • Feel confident and prepared to tackle each new sleep regression

With a combined 19 years of professional experience as a certified sleep consultant and occupational therapist + 5 children between them, Kelley and Bailey are ready to help you tackle your sleep goals! Using a variety of evidence-based and real life strategies with development at the center of our sleep philosophy, we customize every sleep plan to get your family sleeping peacefully again. Healthy sleep habits (and confident parents) make for healthier, happier children.

baby and toddler sleep consultant

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