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Sleep Sacks For Every Budget!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

So many options and too many choices and the price tag of each latest sleep sack can quickly eat away at your pockets. The good news is there is sleep sacks and sleepers for every budget and many offer coupons and discounts. Below gives a variety of sleep sack choices along with a price range to fit everyone's price point. Each offer a variety of options and depending on what your little ones needs are at the time can depend on which option may be the best. I love to hear from you and let me know some of your favorite sleep sacks and sleepers.  Email or check out other blogs on my

Carter’s Baby Sleeper: This is a great option for those ready to move on to a sleep sack from the swaddle, but enjoy the snug feeling from being swaddle. It gives a much more secure feeling and fits closely to their bodies. Also, it has a zipper that has a safety snap at the top to assure the zipper is not left open. You can easily stock up on several, as they are less than $20 per sleeper. Click Here to check out this product.

Bitta Kidda Sleep Sack: Perfectly made with attached lovies and unique design. This is hands down one of my favorite sleep sacks on the market. Able to accommodate children from 3 - 24 months. Click Here and sign up for their email and receive 20% off your first purchase! Making this sleep sack less than $30 when the coupon is applied. Your only regret is wishing you had found this sleep sack sooner!

Zipadee Zip: If you have ever had a swaddled baby you know the dread of transitioning from the cozy swaddle to the sleep sack. This product is ideal for transitioning babies that still enjoy the comfort of their swaddle, but it is time to move on. Babies are still able to roll and move and have access to their hands and offering optimal safe sleep habits. There is a size for all ages even toddlers and preschoolers. Use the coupon code SERENITY5 and the classic colors are bit less expensive then the designs. Click Here and visit sleeping baby to check out all the various zipadee zips available. 

Love To Dream: The beauty of this company is they have three different stages so their product grows as your little one moves from stage to stage. Click Here to checkout all these amazing sleeping products. You can buy stage one and two on Amazon for less than $30. Stage Three can be found at various online stores ranging from $35-$50.

Stage One: Swaddle with your arms up for ages 0 – 4 months. Many babies enjoy sleeping with their arms up, but the startle reflex can be a problem keeping them to sleep. This product is for ages 0 -4 months and is the Love To Swaddle Up Step 1. Rest assured your baby will begin to self sooth and be able to still have the swaddle feeling while they are learning to establish a good sleeping routine.

Stage Two: Transitional swaddle for ages 4–8 months is the Love To Swaddle Up 50/50 Step 2. It has a revolutionary design to help babies transition from the cozier swaddled phase into the arms free independence sleep phase. This option is perfect to help babies move from the swaddle to the in between phase when babies are not fully ready for the sleep sack.

Stage Three: Independent sleep for ages 4-36 months is the Love To Inventa Sleep Bag Step 3. Many parents worry that their children will over heat during the night in a sleep sack. This design specifically works to help keep your child’s temperature regulated even for those children that are more hot natured. It is designed with breathable technology for your little one. 

Woolino Sleeping Sack: This will be the splurge, but so worth it. This would be a wonderful baby shower gift. This sleep sack offers optimal comfort for ages 2 months- 2 years old. Giving parents easy access to diaper changes in the middle of the night, or a quick change during nap time. Also, this sleep sack works great with a car seat for those times you don't want the hassle of removing before being placed into their car seat. Click Here and find prices ranging from $69-$89.

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These sleep sacks are the most important part for better sleep and very necessary for every mum too because in this sack baby can easily sleep 6 to 7 hrs, I also got packs of baby sacks from because due to COVID-19 I am not going in malls for shopping and I did all my shopping from online stores, in fact for fall season clothing I got my all stuff from there.

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