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Letting Go Of The Swaddle And Accepting The Hard Transition

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Operation unswaddle is well underway and let me assure you it is no easier the third go round! There are moments during the first few months as a mother you absolutely soak up and enjoy and never want the moment to pass. Then there are times you wish you could simply move past a phase quicker than the speed of lightning. For me that period is working to remove the swaddle from a baby. I always have this circled in red and highlighted for one of the days I simply do not look forward to in the early months. The swaddle is an absolute must for newborns and truly helps them settle into a warm and snug deep sleep. The time will always come where a child needs to remove the swaddle and move into a safe sleep sack. 

My sweet Emilia has recently turned three months old and working hard on her rolling skills. Even though she has not accomplished this milestone I know it is on the horizon. A few highlights of her day include; interacting, cooing, smiling and waking up to the world. After going through the lovely 12-week regression, we will save those fun details for another day, the day circled in red and highlighted has finally arrived. I know this too shall pass, but the constant startling, waking herself up, adjusting to not being so snug and bundle up can be challenging at times.

My favorite way to break from the swaddle goes back to six years ago with my very first child. Just six short years ago there was no zippadee- zip, Love to Dream 50/50, magic sleep sack or product to help ease out of the swaddle. I chose to break my son free from the swaddle using one of the best tricks, releasing one arm at a time. I find the perfect time between 3-4 months before a baby is fully rolling to jump at the opportunity to wean off the swaddle. The moro- reflex that consumes the first few months of their life is now working to disappear. You simply swaddle a baby up leaving one arm out to help them become more comfortable being free, yet not fully exposed. Working on it during the day is extra helpful since baby is taking 3-4 naps a day. Then after a few days baby is more comfortable and when releasing the second arm it almost becomes second nature.It is very important when you are using the one arm technique that baby is not rolling from front to back or back to front as this can cause a safety issue. This is a big reason I choose to remove the swaddle before they are rolling which for most babies happens between 3-5 months old. We are exactly one week in to giving up the swaddle and we have almost hit the home stretch, naps are still coming around as this is the time she startles and wakes the easiest in her lighter sleep. If your little one is already rolling, you need to immediately remove the swaddle. You can use the Zipadee- Zip a great transition out of the swaddle and that is 100% safe for a rolling and baby on the move. 

When I tell you I am going through this journey with you, I truly am! I understand the struggles and hard times, but also here to embrace and celebrate the milestones. Having three small children, one being 3 months old I can truly relate to all the ups and downs that come along with parenthood.

Do you have a swaddle trick or tip, I would love to hear it, or share your experience when you were transitioning your child to move out of the swaddle. I know you have some great stories to share! Reach out and email me and check out other blogs all dedicated to you and your family at

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