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Koala-T-Time Bedtime Box For Older Children

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

How many parents are desperately searching for more engaging activities to use during their bedtime routine with their older children. Many times, once your children move out of the toddler stage into preschool and elementary school it seems hard to find ways to connect and keep your children engaged during the bedtime routine. We all love reading stories each night with our children, but I know personally I am always looking for additional resources to teach life lessons and have more discussions with my six-year-old son.

Luckily, I found Koala T- Time Box that is geared for children 4-8 years of age. This box contains weekly lessons involving a fun activity along with a life lesson and opens up various discussions between parents and children. It also considers that we as parents are very busy and want to have that special bed time with our children, being able to pack a great deal of information and fun into a 10-15-minute time frame max.

There are four total lessons for the month and you incorporate one new lesson each week. For instance, this month we began with Honesty, then followed with Heroism, Trust and wrapped up the month with achievement.

As soon as our box arrived in the mail my son was ready to dive in with the first lesson. I can honestly say, this is the first time in a while I had seen him overly engaged and chatting non-stop throughout the first lesson of Honesty. We read a short story together that my son could fill in the blanks with silly words to complete the story. At the end, there were additional questions to reflect and discuss together. There was also a combination lock that came with the story, finding the right combination code was part of the lesson. He quickly realized a combination lock is like telling the truth, you must have the right code to successfully unlock the lock like telling the truth. He even started talking about ways he has told the truth and been honest and times he may have “stretched” the truth. This opened a great discussion for the week and we focused on honesty and how we can all work towards being honest and telling the truth in every situation.

My son eagerly wanted to do a new lesson every few nights, and I explained these were special lessons for us to discuss and talk about throughout the week.

One of my favorite weeks was week three, all about the trust. We were given an activity to complete where I, the parent, had to make an origami bear out of paper provided. I could see the distrust in my son’s eyes, as daddy is the one that usually can make anything and much better at being the crafty parent. We discussed trusting mommy and see if I could complete the origami project and how he could be positive to cheer mommy on as we work to complete the project. He quickly saw this as team work and brainstorming how we could complete the bear. Not only did it help him understand he could trust me, but it also showed him team work and working together to complete a task.

Heroism and achievement were fun new topics, as we had not talked much about this in the past. Two words we sometimes forget to use and discuss with our small children. My son could dive deeper and enjoyed considering real life situations such as at school or ball practice to find real life heroes and the enjoyment we receive when we achieve things. I do not want to give away all the fun you will find in this monthly box.

If you are considering trying to find ways to implement more fun and engaging bedtime lessons, then you have found the perfect box. Your children will look forward to the weekly lessons and making this a fun and engaging time for parents and adults. Head over to Koala T-Time for additional information and resources.  

I enjoy hearing from you, my readers, please reach out to me or head over to my website if you are looking for other blogs or additional information on your little one and family. 

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