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It Is An Emotional Roller Coaster Ride Through The Newborn Phase

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Whether you are a first-time mom experiencing all the many new moments or a third-time mom wading through the newborn period as though you should be a pro at this point. There is one common denominator for every mother, it never seems to get easier. The sleepless nights, endless feeds, dirty diapers at every change and raging hormones that never seem to settle. I feel as though the only area I am competent in at this moment, is knowing the amount of dirty and wet diapers my baby has each day and the color of their poop. My patience and intelligence fall by the wayside as we trudge along making it through this season that sometimes seems to never end. In the end, I know that we will make it through this journey and there will be many ups and downs along the way.

During this transition period, there are several important foundations to implement and help you and new baby adjust to the outside world. Going through the newborn period can be challenging and exhausting, but here are some helpful tips to incorporate for your family.  

Creating a Healthy Sleep Environment For Your Newborn:

Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate- As mama’s we tend to forget about ourselves, it is important to drink plenty of water and give your body the right nutrition so you are feeling at your best, at least the best you can feel during the newborn phase.

Invest in a good swaddle- I hear it non-stop my baby hates the swaddle and fights it constantly, so we decided not to use the swaddle. Finding the right sleep swaddle is key at the newborn stage. My go to is the Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack. You can zip up the baby and then wrap their arms tight. Too many times the baby is not wrapped properly creating a fight from the baby. Click Here to check out the proper way to swaddle your baby.

Keep your baby on a simple time frame. Having an official wake time for the day will help you see easier their feedings, awake time and sleep periods in a 24-hour period.

Keeping a detailed log of baby’s schedule, the times baby eats, sleeps, awake time, and fussy periods this will help you adjust day to day and see where you may need to change the plan.

During the day have a more stimulating environment for baby. Blinds open, lights on, loud noises so baby can see the difference between day and night. During the night, slight light, quiet voices, minimal stimulation and keeping baby swaddled during feeds is important. Some babies, this includes my newborn at this time, are too drowsy if swaddled during the night to feed. Therefore, I do not swaddle her until after the feeding to lay her back down.

Remember to ask for help; I know as a mother of three asking for help can take a hit to my pride at times. We want to conquer the world by ourselves, but asking for help will help you keep your sanity and be beneficial for your baby.

Check into a pediatric chiropractor, I have taken all three of my children and they work wonders. Yes, I took my newborn baby at 10 days old to keep her wellness in check. It is all by touch they have special ways they work with children. If you are in the middle Tennessee area check out Dr. Norma Fisher or Dr. Kristin Walkerwicz, both phenomenal chiropractors that work with infants and children. Dr. Fisher has keep my 2 year old from having to get tubes for her ears, another blog for another day! 

Know when to ask for outside help such as a sleep consultant or seeking a counselor if you are feeling the effects of postpartum. Many times you have tried it all, read it all, implemented many strategies on your own, but still have not found the right plan. The newborn phase is in a league of its own and there is a great deal of sleep education and sleep foundations to be implemented, getting help early on can help keep the sleep issues to a minimal as baby gets older.                                    

As I sit here with a one month old baby, 25-month-old and 6-year-old child, I feel defeated at times and sometimes feel that adding the third child may break me down. I may or may not repeat the statement “this too shall pass” multiple times day and night. I want you to know that I am experiencing the sleepless days and nights, the extreme pain from beginning breastfeeding for the third time now and times of a fussy baby that just don’t seem to quit. You are not alone and ask for the help if you need it, you and your baby deserve the help!

I enjoy hearing from you reach out and let me know your story and where you are in your journey. Email me and head over to my website for more blogs and information.

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