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Happy Momma Alert; A Truly All-Natural Baby Cream!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Head down to your local baby aisle at any retail store and pick up a bottle of “Natural” lotion or body cream for your little one. Count the “Natural” ingredients and write down how many words you are unable to pronounce or let alone know what that ingredient is all about. My baby has extremely sensitive skin and I was bound to find something that would be an all-natural body cream for her delicate skin. I had been using pure organic coconut oil which is amazing, but leaves my hands and her skin very oily. I was introduced to Baby Bliss an all natural product, I was given the opportunity to use it and give my honest review on the product. Let’s just say I have been using it day in and day out and I cannot believe I had not found this product sooner.

It has a very light and refreshing fragrance, not over powering, and it is the real deal. Only 6 natural ingredients, say what! This Momma of two young children loves being able to use a product on their skin that I feel confident will not break out the skin or worry what chemicals are being placed on top of their skin. It has a silky and non- greasy feeling therefore, I do not feel as though I need to wash or wipe my hands off. A small amount will take you a long way, another bonus. Many products I have tried in the past I felt like I used half the bottle to get an appropriate coverage on my children.

Here is an example of a lotion geared towards those looking for a more natural and preservative free option on your baby aisle.  I will admit it, I have actually bought this moisturizer and used on both of my children. Take a glance and count the number of ingredients and raise your hand if you are unable to pronounce or even know what half of those ingredients are that you are using on your children. It is easy to fall into the trap, as consumers we put our trust into these companies and they lightly toss around the word natural and preservative free.

Head over to Baby Bliss and check out there truly natural cream geared towards babies and children. PS while you are there check out all the goodies they have to offer. I believe you will be extremely happy with the choice and decision to buy this product for your children. I am excited to hear from you about your experience with these products.

Reach out to me with any other comments and questions at or check out my website to read previous blogs. Also if you are ready to take the next step and get your little ones sleep headed in the right direction, feel free to email me to set up your free consultation.

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