Easy Self-Care Tips Every Breastfeeding New Mom Needs

Being a mom is hard work -- and that goes for breastfeeding, too. For many, these new roles are tied to a period in life where everything seems overwhelming and all you can remember is your growing list of responsibilities (and the dirty diapers piled up everywhere). First off, take a deep breath -- and then take another because self-care is the most important thing you can do at this time, both for the baby and for you.

Now, let Serenity Sleepers walk you through some more essential self-care tips that every breastfeeding mother needs -- and deserves.

Use Your Downtime for Yourself

You’ll likely have some downtime between feeding and pumping sessions. How do you usually use this time? If you’re running around, completing tasks, and caring for everybody other than yourself, it’s probably time for a rethink. Use this downtime for little activities where you can relax and let go. According to a study by Maternal & Child Nutrition, relaxation techniques can prolong the breastfeeding period and increase the quantity of milk produced. So instead of thinking of the next task on your to-do list, watch a show, take a bath, or sit in silence. Relaxation is what you make of it!

Take Care of Your Body

Your postpartum body is constantly going through transitions while you’re breastfeeding. Thus, it is essential to care for your body to feel good in your new skin. Be sure to eat nutrient-rich, wholesome food so that you get in those much-needed extra calories for breastfeeding. Stay hydrated. And as hard as it may seem - get your eight hours of sleep in.

Try to get other family members to take care of the baby at least once a week so your body has time to compensate for all those sleepless nights. Exercising is another one: adrenaline and endorphins could be just the push you need to power through your day. Just remember to go slow with the workouts for an easy transition into motherhood.