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Can I Be Honest; I Never Thought This Day Would Finally Arrive.

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

I remember the day well in the summer of 2010, it was just another yearly checkup that arrived way to soon. I had plenty on my agenda and nearly contemplated canceling the appointment. I was hoping for a quick in and out with the OB, a clean bill of health and a quick tootles until next year. I was quickly stopped in my tracks as the nurse swung open the office door with gleam in her eyes and excitement in her voice, "guess what honey you are pregnant and you are going to be a mommy!" As the blood rushed out of my face, clammy hands, sweat dripping from my temples this news was far from what I wanted or even expected to hear for at least a few more years. Without hesitation, I had no need to even hear what the the doctor had to say at that point. In a rush, I gathered all my things and bolted out of the doctor’s office in the middle of my appointment as though I was headed to Rio for the 40-yard dash. I quickly bee lined it down to the local drug store as I just knew there had to be a false reading at the doctor’s office. I skimmed the aisle looking for pregnancy test, I rapidly cleared the shelf's and $100 later I was ready to prove it was only a false alarm, a Chinese fire drill gone terribly wrong, which was too close for comfort.  

You see me and my husband had only been married two years and this was not a part of our plan. “I” was the center of my world in my 20’s, newly married and fun adventures were on the horizon. I had bigger dreams and aspirations of the direction I wanted my life to take at 26 years old and becoming a mother was not even apart of that chapter.

Fast forward five years later and the day I thought would never arrive and only dreamed about is only 10 days away from becoming a reality. How does it feel like yesterday I was an anxious girl sitting in the OB office getting the news that my life would change forever; to the present, my sweet baby boy is headed off Kindergarten?

I am the first to admit I quickly pushed through each phase praying that each moment would pass quicker and quicker. The newborn phase was far from my jam, the toddler chapters should be erased from the parenting books and preschool years almost took me down to the ground. Now we have made it and pushed through so many of the phases and parts of life that I once dreaded and could only hope to be over soon. I look back now and long for the days of the newborn stage to hold so tight, the toddler transitions where many questions are asked and so many discoveries are made, then on to the preschool age where I see my baby turning into a sweet young boy. The day I had dreamed about for the last five years is only moments away from becoming a full blown reality.

Am I ready to flip the page and begin next chapter, as my sweet soul heads into Kindergarten ready to explore and learn the many unknowns that lay ahead of him? Ready or not the moments have flashed before my eyes and the day I longed for and daydreamed about has finally arrived. My dreams have come full circle only longing for the moment to sit back in that doctor’s office chair and hearing those special words “guess what honey you are pregnant and you are going to be a mommy!”

I love hearing from you and hoping there are other parents out there that have similar stories, feelings and emotions about their journey through out the first years of your child’s life. Email me at or head over to my website Tag and share with a friend!

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