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You Won't Sleep Again & You Need To Be OK With It...

You entered the parenting world with many unknowns and you know parenting will be a lot of trial and error and learning the groove of this parenting gig as you go.

How many times have you hopped into a FB group or Social Media platform asking for help, tips and advice about your baby or child NOT sleeping? Your hoping to get a little extra insight and tips that may be helpful to get more sleep. 

Then you quickly realize comment after comment, you read "it's totally normal" "babies should not sleep", "my kid is five & he doesn't sleep" " I live off coffee & caffeine and haven't sleep in 8 years"  "what is sleep, that never happens anymore", "don't complain, you chose to be a parent and sleep deprivation is part of the process" and on and on and on? 

As though sleep deprivation should be a badge of honor that you wear proudly and the more sleep debt you acquire the more stars you have to wear proudly in your crown.

As a society it is as though it's part of the process, a must do experience to get into the " I Am Officially A Mom Club". My blood pressure spikes as I see mothers desperately seeking help and all she reads is it is normal, you won't sleep again or shaming a mother for asking and wanting more sleep for herself and her family. 

THIS is the reason I began my business almost 6 years ago. It should not be normal, we should not accept it for what it is and just throw a hope and prayer to the wind that one day maybe in the future our child will sleep. 

What if you felt confident, supported and understand your your child's individual sleep before sleep even took a toll for the worse? What if you became proactive to better sleep, instead of reacting when its 3 am, to your screaming baby or child and sleep has become a distant memory?

When you make sleep a priority and you invest in it you can have age appropriate and healthy sleep at any age, that is right, even the newborn age. Now is your newborn going to sleep like your 12 month old, well no and they should not, but you can lay the important sleep foundations and start getting the right building blocks of sleep in place. Can your newborn have healthy, uninterrupted age appropriate stretches of overnight sleep, absolutely!

Meet, Melissa, a newborn client who came to me when her 6 week old (actual age), but 6 weeks premature was not sleeping day or night. She was literally in the trenches of a sleep deprivation nightmare and starting to effect every aspect of her life. Fast forward just a few short weeks later, when she was only 6 weeks (adjusted age), what would this type of sleep do for you and your family?

"She is doing amazing, she’s going down between 7-8pm and usually only waking once around 3am to feed, then up at 7 am."

Fast forward again to now this sweet baby is 3 months old (adjusted age) and sleeping 12 beautiful hours overnight and napping like a champ!

Let's start being proactive today and get sleep on the right track and remove that sleep deprivation tag once and for all!

I would love to chat with you and learn more about your child and family and how we can help knock out sleep deprivation. 

Claim your FREE 15 minute call with me today! Click HERE

Need a safe and fun group to ask all your questions related to sleep and parenting. When you join the group I will be happy to tag you in the variety of videos I have made just for you, tips to better sleep! 

Join my Facebook group HERE today. Where every point of view is appreciated and respected.

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