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The Happiest Spitter On The Block

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

By this point my clothes are drenched, my floors are shining from the constant cleaning and my shoes are starting to turn yellow from the happiest spitter on the block. Yes, I am talking about good ole spit up! I thought by this point I would be a seasoned pro at dealing with how much spit up one baby could acquire in a single day coming out of their tiny bodies, but again I was wrong. I know the run down by this point is baby gaining weight, check, is baby a happy spitter, check, well then all you have is a laundry problem. Even though I am happy my third child at this point of 4 months old is a happy spitter, I was not so lucky with my second child, does not mean that the spit up gets any easier.

Does anyone else wish there was a magic solution to decrease the amount of milk that comes back up from a baby? I know the basics keep them elevated after feedings, if you are breastfeeding you may have an oversupply, which I do, so pumping a few minutes before feeding a baby can be helpful, but let’s get real with two other children adding in pumping time at every feed is not doable. At 4 months old reflux can be at the peak, and that is right where we are at, spit up all the time. Walking across the house I have to yell to anyone within a 5 foot radius that we are coming and to be on the lookout for Emilia’s projectile milk that will be coming back up at any moment. I am constantly running out of yoga pants and t-shirts by this point, the thought of real clothes is not even an option. It is much easier to ruin your old workout clothes then the two nice shirts you have hanging in your closet. I have more burp clothes laid randomly around the house then I do hand towels. I never take a step with out a burp cloth or two or three in hand.

I know one day will come where there will be no more spit up, projectile vomiting and constant changing of clothes. As I recently sat with my grandmother and she reminisced about my twin uncles who had reflux they would literally cover a wall across the room, now that is some serious skills from a baby. As I listened and heard her say I remember those days well and through all the spit up and laundry I would go back in a heartbeat to have small little ones depend on me and want me to wipe their tears, clean up their spit up and rock for hours during the night. It clicked with me at that moment, do I enjoy smelling like sour milk 24/7,no, am I blessed that I have little ones that need me every second of the day, you bet! For one day these little hands and feet will be walking out my door to begin the next chapters of their life and leaving me behind to no longer be needed in the way I once was needed. For that reason I choose to reflect and be blessed that I have the happiest spitter on the block.

I am excited to hear form you, what are your tips and tricks to decrease the spit up or help during the peak months that spit up occurs?

Thank you for choosing Serenity Sleepers and entrusting me to work and help your family implement the safest and healthiest needs for your children. Email me and looking forward to your feedback. 

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