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Raise your hand if you LOVE a great sleep sack?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

I must share one of my latest finds, that was recommended by a fellow sleep consultant. This is a fantastic sleep sack as it combines a sleep sack plus attached lovey for comfort. Having the lovey attached to the sleep sack means that having loose blankets and lovies in their crib will not cover a babies face or twist around their neck and head. Another great idea is this design has a diagonal zipper which makes it a breeze for a diaper change and helps reduce the chance of those older sneaky babies being able to unzip the sleep sack.

Halo brand sleep sacks have always been one of my go to options, but after having my daughter last year one of my major concerns is having the zipper uncovered. She loves to snuggle up with her sleep sack and it concerned me when I zipped her up she was able to chew and suck on the zipper. Red flags went up as this could be a choking hazard. The Bitta Kidda sack alleviates all concerns with the diagonal zipper and a genius cover over the zipper and zips right up under the arm.

Just as the swaddle helps baby feel comforted and secure for a longer night’s sleep, the next stage sleep sacks are proven to extend a babies sleep time. It helps provide a safe and secure feeling for babies and gives them the ability to self soothe during the day and night.

Head over to for the latest in sleep sacks. They have a range of sizes from 3 – 24 months. Sign up to receive their emails and you will receive 20%  off your first purchase. Who doesn’t love a great deal?!

Happy and safe sleeping for your little ones!

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