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Pack Your Essential Kit, It Is All About the Must Haves!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Gerber Soothe Probiotic Colic Drops: Probiotics are all the rage these days and for good reason. Newborns can use the good bacteria to boost their digestive system along with reducing excessive crying. I have been using these drops since my newborn was 4 weeks old. 

Colic Calm: Homeopathic gas drops that will make you and your little one jump for joy. After trying multiple gas drops and gripe water over the years, this along with tummy calm are the only ones that help reduce the gas and tummy issues for my children. Colic calm is specifically for gas, colic and reflux.

Tummy Calm: Natural homeopathic medicine to help relieve the symptoms of bloating, upset stomach and hiccups. These drops can be used beginning at the newborn stage and continue to be implemented as children get older. 

Vitamin D Drops: Vitamin D drops for babies are highly recommended by pediatricians, especially for breastfeeding babies to give that extra boost of Vitamin D. Talk with your pediatrician as most newborns require one drop a day of 400 IU. 

Halo Swaddle Sleep Sack: Looking for a sleep sack that will help keep those little hands swaddled, this will be your product. It safely helps keep baby snug and secure to help keep baby sleeping longer. 

Dohm Baby Sound Machine: One of my favorite sound machines for little ones, these are a great addition to a newborn's sleep environment. Click Here to get yours and use the coupon code ZZZBABY for 20% off. 

Haakaa Hand Pump: During the night or on a quick trip out who wants to deal with the hassle of your electric pump. This is a hidden gem and has become the latest must have for breastfeeding mama's. It will suction to your breast and does all the work without any assistance from you! Also, it can be used to help express small amounts of milk when needing relief. 

Baby Nail Scissors: In six years and three children there is no easy way to cut a newborns finger and toe nails. I would invest in a good pair of baby scissors as these seem to be the best and easier option over baby nail clippers. In the early days, I find it best to clip there nails while they are sleeping or feeding.

The Windi: Babies have sensitive stomachs especially during the newborn days. Any undigested milk or trapped gas can leave you and your baby in tears. The Fridababy Windi helps naturally release the trapped gas. It is used like a rectal thermometer, inserting the tip into their bottom until you hear the whistling sound. This helps the trapped gas and air leave your baby and reduce the fussiness from the uncomfortable gas pains.

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