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Now That School Has Started, Saving Dollars Makes Sense

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

This weeks blog post comes to us by Janice Russell she is owner of Parenting Disasters, be sure to follow Janice and learn more about her and the helpful tips she has to offer parents over at

Kids are almost always eager to stay in bed during those first few weeks of the new school year (even if they’ve seen the 6 o’clock hour all summer long). Keep reading for ways you can tackle the most common beginning-of-school conundrums without depleting your bank account.

Clothing control

Everyone wants the latest fashions, but kids’ clothing isn’t cheap. Go online and look for a Target coupon today to help you save big on clothing items. With some extra digging, you can also find cashback offers and exclusive promos for more savings. Time your excursions well and shop for sale items, and you can shave a huge chunk off your clothing bill.

Sleep struggles

If your child is cranky first thing in the morning, you’re not alone. After all, they’ve just spent the entire summer waking on their own schedule, and now they’re being told they have to get out of bed to go sit at a desk for seven hours. There are ways, however, to both improve your child’s sleep and rouse them from rest without investing in expensive sound machines or blackout curtains. In fact, you can do this for free. Start by restricting device usage before bed, which can disrupt sleep. Put them to bed 30 minutes early, even if the sun is still bright. In the morning, turn their bedroom light on and open the door 10 to 15 minutes before you want them up.

Lunch ‘n’ munch

Having a set lunchtime is one of the most difficult but important aspects of adjusting to the new school year. explains that eating at the same time every day helps with growth and development. Start sampling different lunch foods – Taste of Home notes that granola bars, fruit, and turkey wraps are great lunchbox options. This will give you a chance to determine if your child’s taste has changed over the summer and keep you from buying a ton of expensive foods that will get tossed in the cafeteria trash bin. Is your child still not jazzed about the new school year? Look for a cool new lunch box that’s on sale.

Supplies, guys!

When it comes to shopping for any supplies you might have forgotten before school started, you can take advantage of sales. If your kid is in elementary school, you might need to buy crayons, glue, and a pencil box. Older kids need notebook paper, binders, and erasers. Check out WireCutter’s list of best school supplies to see pricing before you start collecting items.

Shy schoolkid

If your child suddenly comes down with a headache five minutes before it’s time to head out the door, they may be filled with anxiety about the new school year. This shyness and reluctance to go willingly could be due to anything, including conflict with another student. Help them reconnect with some of last year’s friends by hosting a get-together. A gallon of ice cream and a few packs of hot dogs will set you back $20 or less, but will be a priceless bonding experience for your child.

Homework, shmomework

Finally, homework struggles should be addressed ASAP. Issues such as missing pencils and distractions are easily circumvented by creating an organized work space. Your child will also need an appropriately-sized desk and comfortable chair. Check out the dollar store for scratch pads and storage baskets, and don’t be afraid to cruise neighborhood yard sales for the best deals on a desk.

Starting school is never easy, but it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Save your dollars and your sanity by searching for deals and making your home a school-friendly environment.

As students are preparing to head back to school it is vital that to provide a resource for students to ensure they know the importance of being involved in a club or organization so they can properly plan for the academic year. Click HERE to see the in-depth guide experts have created that breaks down the benefits of extracurriculars while clearly outlining the costs that are associated and how you can offset those costs.

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