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Is There A Connection Between Your Strong Southern Roots And Asking For Help?

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Asking for help can be a difficult task.

A culture so deeply rooted in proud history, family ties, and southern politeness. Can you relate being embedded in a deep southern family; who all too often has chosen to try and conquer many aspects of life as a one man show, scoffing at the thought of reaching out for help.  A word so hard for many of us to put into our daily vocabulary. Showing a sign of weakness a mere struggle and goes against how we were raised. Sharing or giving to much to others about our own personal feebleness. Could you imagine if our great grandparents knew we were actually considering asking for HELP? It is absolutely absurd to imagine we could in all reality need help in areas such as sleep, diet, nutrition, exercise and so much more.  Stating the daily mantra, this too shall pass, when days turn into weeks, months and even years as we sink deeper in, if only we could find the courage to ask those three simple words; I need help.  

At some point we become lost.

From very early on we learn to use our cues, hand motions and words to ask for help. At what point in our life do we stop asking for help so easily? When do we turn from a four year old child who ask over 300 questions a day to an adult who can barely utter the words of asking for help?

What holds us back?

I ponder the question, what holds us back, especially strong southern women from taking the leap and asking for help? Are we scared to show our weaknesses, our own struggles to the world as though some one may judge us for our own actions? As my own children entered my life, I quickly realized maybe the rest of the country was on to something, reaching out and asking for help. No matter what area of life you feel you made need a bit of extra assistance.

I can speak personally being a female and mother that asking for help is such a hard task or actually realizing I do not have to be a super hero in all aspects of life. We live in a day an age where we have more resources and outlets than ever before to reach out to others for the help we so desperately seek. Especially in our southern culture we do not let others into our personal lives to be able to see into our own faults and weaknesses. That is right, I used the word weaknesses! No matter who you are we all have strengths and areas that we can always improve and learn from others. 

Help can be a powerful resource.

I challenge you to sit down and self-reflect where could you use extra ideas, advice or help. You are a powerful and strong person and imagine how much more knowledge and power you could invoke into the world if you just reached out for help. If one area of your life you seek extra guidance and help is sleep with your babies and young children, I am here to help and guide you along the way. I found this article to be on point and interesting read Accepting Help. How can we begin to change our perception when it comes to asking for help? Please email me to discuss your families needs and help develop peaceful sleepers and get everyone on the right track.

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