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I Just Can't....

I Just Can't...

…Get my baby to nap

…Get my toddler to sleep through the night

…Get a smooth bedtime routine

…Get sleep in place for my entire family



It is not the right time…

Maybe we can continue to survive with minimal sleep…

Financially the timing is not right…

I have a partner that travels often…

I have other children to care for…

How many times have you stopped from taking the leap to finally having a baby or child that truly has age appropriate and healthy sleep?

You keep telling yourself, maybe it will get better, I am too busy to work on healthier sleep, financially it’s just too much, I have other children to focus on and the list goes on and on….

Take a moment and stop to reflect on all the above reasons that have stopped you before, are any of them as important as getting the right amount of sleep in place for your child and YOU??? Is it worth continuing waking tired, exhausted, having no energy, effecting your job, your relationships, moods, your child missing out on important milestones or developments, constantly feeling anxious about when or how they may sleep again and so many other aspects in your life?

What are you showing yourself and your family, by not putting healthy SLEEP at the top of the list?

I know one of the top reasons is usually financially, but PLEASE stop for a moment and think about all the stuff and things you have invested in over the months and years to try and get your child to sleep.

Endless amounts of books

That sleep prop you thought would be the answer (Dock A Tot, Swing, Rock N Play, Motion bassinet, Night Lights, Mobiles/Projectors and the list goes on and on…)

Guides or programs that were cookie cutter and did not really dive into your child, family and your individual sleep needs

Multiple different swaddles and sleep sacks for babies OR new bedroom furniture and room for the big boy/girl transition, blankets, sleep toys and pillows for older children

Ok to Wake clocks, night lights or timers for the older children and those can get pricey.

You can see if we break it down we can throw our money at stuff and things, but what if you actually decided that you were going to invest in something that would FINALLY have your child sleeping once and for all!

If you can stop that daily coffee run, cut back in one area or withhold going out to eat once a week for a few weeks, then yes, you can invest in my services and have one on one support from a certified pediatric sleep consultant, who will give you 100% during and even after our times ends. If you are truly ready to finally have solid sleep in place, you will find a way to make it happen, just as we always do for our children.

If you are ready and willing to stop saying I can’t and change it to we can and take the plunge it will be the best investment you have ever put into your child(ren).

Lets jump on a free 15 minute call and see how we can get sleep headed in the right direction for your family. Click Here, and check out my calendar for May and lets get this started for you and your family.

P.S. when you are ready there are multiple ways I can help you and your family.

1. Work Directly with me, one on one:

2. Join my closed FB group HERE to learn more about myself, business and how I can help you with your sleep needs. There is additional help and support from other mama’s and tons of helpful resources.

3. Check out my blog post HERE, where you are able to find a great deal of topics from travelling, nap transitions, bedtime routines, handling time changes, and all information in between from newborn to preschool age.

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