Hatch Baby Rest: Night Light, Sound Machine, And OK-to-Wake Review!

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

I recently received the Hatch Baby Rest a newer product on the market. It had caught my eye when I noticed it had more then one way to use this product. I thought what better time to use this, then now when I have a brand new baby and sometimes feel as though I need every product on the market today.

First, let me fill you in quickly on the Hatch Baby Rest and the main features this product has to offer. It offers a night light, sound machine, and Ok-to-wake clock in one sleek device, and the best part it is designed to be able to control and program it conveniently from your phone.

Night Light: I found this to be extremely useful during the newborn days when I was up several times a night to nurse my baby. There are several different colored lights and the light was just enough for me to change my baby’s diaper along with feeding her without disrupting her during the night. Many times you find a night light that is too bright or not light enough and if you are like me you try and use another light such as the hallway light or closet light and in the end those just create too much lightness and stimulation for the night hours. Some nights my 4 month old will still wake once to eat so I have found this feature to be extremely helpful during this time.

Sound Machine: After we added kiddo number three to our family we needed another room to move my six year old into so his new baby sister could use his room. Seeing we have a three-bedroom house this became quiet the challenge. We ended up converting our dining room into a temporary bedroom for him. This room is at the front of the house and right off the kitchen. Two items that were a must for his room; blackout shades and a sound machine. I wanted to test out the Hatch Baby Rest sound machine there were various sounds and you can control the volume which was a plus. Every child is different and not every white noise or sound machine will work just right for each child, therefore, I enjoyed finding a sound and volume level that worked well for my son and to drown out the extra noise from the adjoining kitchen.

OK-To-Wake Clock: This product has become a top priority on every parents wish list. Many toddler and preschoolers need that extra boost to keep them in their bed until it is time to wake for the day. This feature is one of my favorites to be able to control from your phone. You can adjust the time and settings right from the comfort of your cell phone, who does not enjoy that convenience especially early in the morning.

You can adjust and control the settings for the night light, sound machine and Ok-to-wake alarm clock from your own personal cell phone or by your personal touch to the Hatch Baby Rest. That is one of the best features as I cannot count how many times I have laid down in my bed excited to drift off to sleep and wondered did I turn on the sound machine, did I turn off the light, maybe I should go back to their room and check. This way you will not have to disturb your child or wake in the middle of the night to wonder over to their room. You can also preset your favorites and have them stored on your phone so you can easily access and use them each day.

Lastly, you can even program your own schedule and routine using the Hatch Baby Rest on your phone. Set a bedtime routine for your little one and if you have a toddler setting a schedule together to promote healthy sleeping routines.

I would give Hatch Baby Rest two thumbs up and would recommend to any looking for a great all in one feature to add into your must have list.

Reach out to me at kelley@serenitysleepers.com and let me know if you have used the Hatch Baby Rest or specific questions you may have about this little device.

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