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Digging Deep Into Sleep Apnea

This weeks piece comes to us from Carolina Gerard from the National Council for Aging Care. She has brought to us the in-depth look into sleep apnea and a comprehensive guide to help us better understand the challenges we may face.

Sleep apnea has a very special place in my heart. My newly turned 5 year old has suffered from it for several years, it not only can effect the well being of her sleep, but so many areas of her life. It also does not pick favorites, sleep apnea can appear in all ages from the young to elderly.

Please take time to read this intriguing article HERE, and learn more about sleep apnea and if you see any of these affects in your home.

Have questions or comments please email me If you are ready to take the next steps on getting your child on the right track with their sleep, I am happy to help you in any way. Please click HERE for your FREE 15 minute call to better sleep.

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