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COVID-19’s Impact on Kids with Autism & How Parents Can Help...

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

I use to be a former teacher and I understand the importance of interaction between children and their peers as well as teachers and school staff. Covid-19 has changed the normal routines for so many children.

COVID-19 has impacted our daily lives in so many ways, from how we work, learn, and even how we interact with each other. Having a routine is fundamental for all children and for those with autism, it’s even more important.

Due to the pandemic, many kids are unable to have regular contact with classroom aids or attend their weekly classes and activities. Changes can be difficult for kids with autism and It’s extremely important for them to feel safe during these unprecedented times. Maintaining some kind of schedule and having a sensory or activity room can help.

Lena Borrelli and her team have created an extensive guide “COVID-19’s Impact on Kids with Autism” to support families in communities.

Included in the guide:

  • Talking to your Child about COVID

  • Maintaining a Routine While Socially Distancing

  • How to Create a Sensory Room

  • Helpful Smart Devices For Quarantine

Click HERE to read the in-depth guide and find ways to help your family with better routines and ways to get through this time.

Implementing healthy and beneficial bedtime routines can be extremely helpful for children and helping lower their anxiety around sleep. Check out the comprehensive guide the MyMove team put together to help reduce a child's anxiety at bedtime.

How Incorporating Safety into Bedtime Routine Can Help Ease Your Child’s Anxiety

Many children may experience anxiety and stress at a young age, especially if there are major changes to their routine. Due to the pandemic and little ones spending more time at home, regular schedules such as healthy bedtime routines may have been disrupted. Many children may not be getting the proper rest they need, and it can impact their health and development.

The guide created covers topics on:

  • Ways to Create a Positive Bedtime Routine

  • Managing Anxiety with Safety and Security Measures

  • Tips on Helping Kids Fall Asleep

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