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8 Tips for a Comfortable and Organized Kids Room

This weeks post comes to us from Mollie Wilson. Taking us to a place of organization and calmer days, with getting our children's rooms organized and comfortable.

There is no place harder to decorate and organize than your child’s room. Before you become a parent, you’re generally unaware of this immense burden and as you begin your slow descent into parenthood (i.e. pregnancy) you begin to daydream and decorate your nursery, picturing your kids dream bedroom like a fairy-tale, well it’s like a fairy-tale, if the fairytale was based solely around the villain. This is because, if you decorate solely based on your daydreams, your child, once old enough to walk, will wreck that room the absolute second you take even one step out of the doorway. Children are immensely messy creatures and it takes a special kind of organization to achieve a perfectly comfortable and organized (and maybe, if you’re lucky, cute) kids’ room. If you’re finding that the minute you walk out of your kids room it becomes a disorganized mess that no human could ever be comfortable in, try one of these 8 pro-level tips, they’ll help you to achieve the level of organization you’re going to need for the next 8-12 years (and no that number is not an exaggeration).

1. Elevated Storage will Save Your Life.

While eventually, your kid is going to grow, for now, utilizing shelving on your walls is a great way to ensure that toys, clothes, and other items don’t get mysteriously strewn around the room or ‘accidentally’ painted on. You can also utilize these shelves for decorations that are guaranteed not to get broken or played with. While this won’t be a solution forever, and eventually your kids will grow tall enough to reach said shelves, hopefully by then, they’ll be able to pick up after themselves and will actually listen when you tell them to clean their room.

2. Utilize Bright Colors Appropriately.

Typically going with more neutral or pastel tones is no only the trend, it’s recommended when it comes to decorating your kid’s room. This will allow you to change and update it as they age without as much work. In addition, it can make smaller rooms seem and feel larger. However, adding a themed pop of color throughout your kids’ room will make the room feel more cohesive and thus, more comfortable and organized as well. It’ll help to tie all of your décor together and usually can be changed and updated easily as well.

3. Storage Bins, Preferably Cute Ones.

Storage bins will be your knight in shining armor. Not necessarily because you need to store a bunch of things for a long period of time but instead because of the old adage, ‘out of sight, out of mind’. This pertains to those toys and items in your kids’ room that you’d really prefer them not play or use without you (so like watercolors or markers or exceptionally small toys). Typically, if a kid can’t see the toy and no one mentions the toy, (and heaven help the person who does) they usually won’t remember it until you offer it up to them, on your terms and on your watch! These storage bins can also make for cute pieces of décor and even useful seating as well, convenient especially for small rooms.

4. Hang Clothes, even the Little Ones.

Not many people hang their kids’ clothes apparently. Be it because they’re too tiny to wrinkle or because it’s too difficult for kids to reach, chances are, if they can’t reach it, you’re probably going to be helping to get them dressed anyways. By hanging clothes you’ll save on dresser space and be able to buy a smaller dresser in general. This is especially great for smaller kids’ rooms as it will open up the area an make it come comfortable.

5. Invest in a Space Heater.

Kid’s body temperatures fluctuate more than adults as they’re constantly going from total nap to hyper playtime in about 2 seconds flat. In addition, kids won’t put up with or understand being a little chilly like an adult can and will. To save yourself from finding blankets and pillows constantly on the floor, invest in a good space heater, not only will this save you some headache, it’ll probably save on your energy bill as well.

6. Get a Bunk Bed.

Not only do kids LOVE bunk beds, but bunk beds are also great for creating a more comfortable and organized space. Even if you don’t have a second child or simply don’t have a second child in the same room, utilizing a bunk bed without the bottom bunk and instead utilizing the space for storage or a little play or work area, works even better! Your kid will love it and you’ll get a more comfortable and organized room!

7. Book Bins.

No not a bookshelf, a book bin. You want your kid to be smart, so you start reading to them and getting them to read at a young age, this means lots and lots of books. Kids typically aren’t going to be the greatest at keeping a Dewey decimal system lined up in a bookshelf so to avoid having books constantly strewn across the room, DIY a little book bin. Whether it’s open-faced or more of a chest is up to you, but either way, it’ll help to keep the books neat and contained.

The biggest culprit of clutter in a kid’s room? The stuffed animals. You buy them for your kid, your parents, aunts, and uncles buy them for your kid, they bring them home from school, birthday parties, the mall or they even win tiny cheap ones that mean the world to them at a claw machine. Every kid has no less than a thousand stuffed animals and wants every single one of them on their bed come nighttime (which inevitably gets kicked on the floor). By having a designated bin, your kid will learn to pick his stuffed animals up and will be less inclined to leave them strewn across the floor.

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