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5 Questions You Need To Ask For Healthier Sleep Today!

We all need it, we all crave it, we all have to have it!!! The biggest questions are how can we get more sleep...

Getting adequate sleep is important, but to get there you need to ask yourself these 5 questions to begin to turn your child's sleep around. 

1) Is the room calm and relaxing?  * Your little one wants their sleep place to be a happy and positive space especially since they spend the majority of their time here. You must consistently make the evening routine and time leading up to sleep calm, relaxing and inviting. Sound machine on, check out my post HERE on finding the right type of white noise. Next, creating complete darkness, choosing the right black out curtains or shades for the bedroom. Calm and quiet voices during the bedtime routine and most importantly DO NOT rush the time. Your child will feel the stress and anxiety, do your best to give your little ones at-least 10-15 minutes of bedtime routine time! 

2) What is the room's temperature? * Many of us are entering fall, we have warmer days and much cooler nights. Be sure and check the thermostat before heading off to bed. Body temperature changes happen in the early morning hours, we do not want our child to wake from being too hot or cold. Finding the right balance is important especially for infants and toddlers who are wearing swaddles and sleep-sacks. 

3) Do you have a bedtime in place?  * Consistency is the name of the game when it comes to bedtime. Infants and children will thrive off earlier bedtimes, some will get in the bed for the night between 6-7 pm, think about how many total hours of sleep they need in a 24 hour period. Babies and children that are still taking naps you will need to carefully balance their nap times with their bedtime and official wakeup time in the morning. A nap that runs too late into the evening, will push a bedtime out very late for older babies and toddlers. 

4) Is your baby getting the right amount of sleep? * This will be different for every child, depending on their age and the sleep needs their body requires. You must watch how much day sleep they need and overnight sleep to get their total amount of sleep needed in a 24 hour period. Take notes, writing down their sleep times and periods for 7-10 days can make all the difference in the world. You can begin to get more answers to their sleep and make sure they are not getting too much or too little sleep in a 24 hour period along with making sure the timing of the sleep is in the right spot. 

5) What is your child eating before sleep time? * This is a big one, in the later afternoon and leading up to bedtime it is important to watch the foods that our children are eating. Avoid sugars, chocolates, heavy & greasy food, red dyes and food colors, and sugary or caffeinated drinks these can drastically effect the mood and behavior for a child gearing up for bedtime and can also cause issues staying asleep during the night. 

Begin today asking yourself these 5 questions, can you improve some areas to get better sleep for your little one and your family?

*I am filling up quickly into November and 2020 will be fully booked soon. I have limited availability left for the remainder of 2020! Don't miss your chance to end 2020 on a positive note, getting more sleep for you and your family!

Have questions now, claim your FREE 15 minute call with me today! Click HERE **** Be sure and join my FB Group where you will find a supportive and helpful group with dedicated resources to better sleep for your little ones and family. Find other support from myself and parents going through the same season of life!

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