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Zoom pods are scheduled to help parents get evidence-based information quickly covering specific sleep and developmental topics we see asked frequently.

  • Maximum of 10 families each session in order to tailor presented information for your unique questions within a specific topic

  • Sessions are 40 minutes in duration consisting of an information presentation followed by a brief, open Questions & Answer session

  • All Zoom pods are recorded and sent to participants as a resource they can reference later when bumps in the road occur

Toddler Development        Potty Training       Weaning the Pacifier 

Nap Transitions      Sleep Regressions       Sibling Room Sharing     Etc.

$20 per family (Yep, that's it!)

Nashville Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

With a combined 19 years of professional experience as a certified sleep consultant and occupational therapist + 5 children between them, Kelley and Bailey are ready to help you tackle your sleep goals! Using a variety of evidence-based and real life strategies with development at the center of our sleep philosophy, we customize every sleep plan to get your family sleeping peacefully again. Healthy sleep habits (and confident parents) make for healthier, happier children.  

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