5-24 Months Packages




  • One (1) private, 45 minute Video Call Consultation

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • 30 Days of Support with Weekly Check-ins

  • Daily Access to Me via Voxer App

  • One follow-up 30-minute Check-in Phone Call

  • Access to my Educational Sleep Support Documents



  • One (1) 30 Minute Phone Call

  • Customized Sleep Plan

  • 4 Follow Up Emails with Recorded Video Replies

  • Baby Connect App Access

  • Access to my Educational Sleep Support Documents




  • One (45) Minute Phone Call 

  • Set in place a game plan for your child moving forward

  • 14 days of access to me via Voxer

*HSA/FSA approved by most plans under sleep deprivation and sleep hygiene.

Hi  {tired} Mama & Daddy! You survived the newborn stage and you thought sleep would be more solid by this point; however, you are now left questioning where you should go from here with your sleepless baby. Your tiny, little person is now going through huge skills and developments and one of the first areas affected is their sleep. 

I wish I could reach out and give each of you a hug and tell you that you're doing a fabulous job even when you're feeling overwhelmed and defeated because of sleep deprivation. I know you want to lay a healthy sleep foundation for you baby but you're just not sure how to do it. 

Imagine if...

  • You felt confident in reading your child’s  cues and establishing a sleep routine that has Mom, Dad, and baby happy!

  • You are able to embrace the newborn stage and set up for sleep success and less worry.

  • Get your life back on track with renewed energy and confidence and reclaim the joys of parenthood

  • Envision how it would feel to be confident and empowered to help your child consistently get solid and age appropriate sleep to grow, learn, develop and thrive each day from healthy sleep foundations to create lasting sleep success for the entire family!

  • Defeat Sleep Deprivation and take back your nights!

A Customized Sleep Plan...

Together we will develop a plan that establishes a foundation for healthy sleep for your newborn, which includes age-appropriate sleep needs and routines. Your custom plan will include tips for:


  • Teaching your baby the difference between day and night

  • Creating the right sleeping environment

  • Strategies to encourage sleep

  • When to expect a good night’s sleep

  • Common sleep issues that can be easily avoided.


Your sleep plan will include additional help, support, and information from my Educational Sleep Support Documents that details topics such as: sleep hormones, sleep environment, wake time chart, finding the right swaddle, and how to get baby to accept their bassinet/crib, AND SO MUCH MORE, to ensure you are set up for future success.