Sleep packages


Peapods Sleep Package-(0-3 Months) 


We have created sleep packages based on your little
ones ages so they can be customized to their very specific 
needs. Select the appropriate tab based on their age.

Serenity Sleepers is committed to helping you and your family develop peaceful sleepers, using only the safest, healthiest and most gentle approaches. I am a certified sleep consultant for babies and young children. Being able to give parents and care takers the ability to help their little ones develop healthy, strong and peaceful sleeping habits is my main goal.


What can Serenity Sleepers offer you and your family?


  • Night waking's

  • Eliminating sleep props 

  • Night weaning

  • Bedtime battles

  • Nap issues

  • Age appropriate sleep schedules

  • Pacifier dependency

  • Early morning waking's

  • Sleep regression

  • Co sleeping

  • Creating the right sleep environment for babies and toddlers 


Sweetpeas Sleep Package-(4-24 Months) 

Sprouts Sleep Package-(24 Months Plus)