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Nurture Your New Baby and Your Relationship

Anticipating a baby brings excitement to expecting parents and families, whether in

Nashville or elsewhere. Little bundles of joy, with their sweet fragrance, bright eyes, and

contagious smiles, warm the hearts of their parents. But all those warm fuzzies come with

the reality of sleepless nights, diaper changes, and the frustration of not knowing what a

crying little one needs. The desire to be responsive and loving when it seems nothing is

working can lead to fatigue, stress, and an increase in postpartum depression symptoms

that may even affect the relationship between you and your spouse.

Bonding with newborn baby

Each Baby is Different

It's impossible to know how much life will change when you become new parents. Even

parents of multiple children know each child has a unique personality: one may sleep much

of the night while another may be a daytime sleeper, ready for constant attention during

the evening. You may wonder how you will balance caring for your baby while trying to get

in some couple time — or even just a restful night’s sleep.

So, how do Nashville, TN parents stay connected when they have a new baby?

Rest When Baby Rests

Being sleep-deprived and stressed when you have a baby in the house is not safe. While it

may be tempting to complete a few tasks during the baby's nap, sleep deprivation can leave you exhausted and put you and your baby in danger. Sleep experts recommend at least seven to nine hours of sleep in every 24-hour cycle for adults. New parents often learn its best to sleep while the baby is sleeping, even during the day. When your baby sleeps, take advantage of that time to get some rest.

A Healthy Relationship Requires Teamwork

If yours is a two-parent household, take turns caring for your baby. Create a schedule to

help you organize the things you must get done. One parent might prepare dinner, take a

nap, or get in a workout while the other watches the baby. Stay connected by being

attentive to one another. Hugs and kisses only take a few seconds, so sneak in as many as

possible! Babies often sleep two to three hours before waking to eat, so you may even be

able to work in some romance!

Ask For and Accept Help

As much as you love your new baby, you’ll benefit from some snuggle time with your mate.

Begin by requesting help from people you trust to care for your baby. Usually, loved ones

understand how important it is for new parents to have a break, so they may be happy to

help you. Use that time to go to dinner or a movie, or you and your partner may reconnect

with a romantic night at home.

You Can Have a Healthy Relationship with a New Baby

After a few months, your baby will probably settle into a regular sleep schedule. Until then,

be patient, help each other, and take advantage of the quiet times to do some things you


Schedule a FREE discovery call with Serenity Sleepers to learn how we can walk with you to establish a foundation for healthy sleep for you and your newborn, which included age-appropriate sleep needs and routines.

With a combined 19 years of professional experience as a certified sleep consultant and occupational therapist + 5 children between them, Kelley and Bailey are ready to help you tackle your sleep goals! Integrating child development, parental health, and normative childhood sleep patterns at the center of our sleep philosophy, we customize every sleep plan to get your family sleeping peacefully again. Healthy sleep habits (and confident parents) make for healthier, happier children.

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