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My Baby Just Hates Sleep!!!

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If I told you how many times I hear this statement on a daily basis, you would not believe me! After a while you truly begin to think maybe my baby just plain hates sleep.

I can reassure your mind that your baby, toddler or preschooler does not HATE sleep. Sleep fuels their little body and gears them up for their full days ahead. We have to prepare their body and lay the foundations for sleep success.

If your baby fights bedtime, has multiple wake ups overnight, napping poorly or cries every time a sleep period arrives, it may be easy to say, “maybe my baby just hates sleep”. The truth of the story is there can be many reasons why your baby or child displays these characteristics.

A baby or child is overly tired

A baby or child is underly tired

A baby or child has the wrong wake windows

A baby or child requires someone or something to put them to sleep

A baby or child’s sleep environment is not setup for success

A baby or child does not have the proper naps in place

A baby or child needs more daytime sleep structure

A baby or child is going through a leap or developmental milestone

These are just some of the more common reasons your baby may be fighting sleep and giving you the impression, they just hate sleep.

The first question and area I always have families address is to make sure there is no medical issues, lip/tongue ties, hunger, re-flux or excessive gas. All of these areas need to be addressed and ruled out before you can start to dig into reasons why your baby is struggling with their sleep.

Next you need to find a reliable way to track your child’s information each day, such as using the Baby Connect App. This will be a great tool to keep track of their wake windows, their sleep environment, how and when they fell asleep and finding overall where things could be adjusted during their day. The great part of this app is you can keep up with so much more than just sleep. That is right you can track feedings, doctor appointments, diaper changes, medications, keeping notes from day to day and so much more.

Now, I know your next question, well how do I know what wake window is best for my baby or child. I have you covered, click HERE for the link to the appropriate wake windows for each month, this will help give you a guide on the most appropriate times so your baby is not overly or under tired.

Do you have questions or ready to take the leap to better sleep for your little one, I am ready to help you solve your sleep issues once and for all. Click HERE to sign up for a free 15 minute call and lets chat about your child’s sleep struggles.

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