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How To Approach Sleep With A Sick Child

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

It is that time of year where we all have a love/ hate relationship with this stunning weather. The crisp cool mornings followed by the warm and breezy sunny afternoons takes anyone's mood from sub par to a level ten. On the flip side the 40 degree nights coupled with the 80 degree afternoons send our allergies for a loop. The time has come for runny noses, colds and flu season.

One major downfall of sickness is how it can change your child's sleeping habits as well as your own. Even for a few nights you feel like you are back at square one with a newborn baby waking every few hours. This leaves parents feeling draggy and reaching for the extra shot of caffeine each morning and for a split second debating if you should inject this straight into your veins for a quick rush of energy. 

A common question I receive is can I push through and continue working to get my child's sleep on track while they are sick? Think back to the last time you had the common cold or runny nose or worse the actual flu. How hard was it for you to rest and sleep comfortably and enjoy a normal night's rest? The odds are when you are not feeling like yourself and you have a bout with some type of sickness it takes you a few days to get back into the sleeping groove. Many babies and children are limited on the medications they can take or use to help give them some relief. Think about a congested nose, the last thing I feel like doing is laying down to sleep when I cannot breathe easily through my nose, I grab the Afrin for quick relief and a few hours of peaceful sleep. Many babies and young children do no have the luxury of a quick fix or moment of relief. They turn to their parents for extra snuggles and cuddles during this time until they have moved past the sickness. 

I encourage parents to put aside the actual in depth sleep plan until their little one is feeling back too normal and up to conquer a good night's sleep. This does not mean you have to abandon all good practices, but to merely meet the needs of your child. They will need more comfort and help from you during this time. The same applies for your exceptional spot on sleeper, they too have rough days and nights when they are sick and need the extra comfort from their parents. Remind yourself this too shall pass and restful sleep is on the horizon, but remember to give your child the extra time and attention they need while they work through whatever sickness may have brought them down. 

I enjoy hearing from you, do you have a story or tale you would like to share? Email me or visit my website for other blog topics at Are you ready to get your little's ones sleep on the right path, I am happy to help and guide you along with way. 

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