How Do Sleeping Pills Work?

Meta: Are sleeping pills the answer to your sleeping problems? Read on to see why sleeping pills can do more bad than good.

I know over the years I have gotten a great deal of questions around sleeping pills and sleep. Today Addiction Rehab Treatment has put together an in-depth piece to answer many asked questions and breakdown more about sleeping pills.

How Do Sleeping Pills Work? Will I Get Addicted?

Americans are getting less sleep than ever, with time spent on work, play, and family. Countless TV advertisements promise the world if all you take is a small pill but is all that they say true?

When taken correctly, sleeping pills can give people the sleep they need. At the same time, as more people have started to use sleeping aids, there has been a steep incline in the reports of abuse and side effects.

How do the drugs work both on the brain and in the body? What are the side effects - and the risk of dependency? What are the consequences? Read on to learn everything about the sleeping aids you're tempted to reach for each night. Here is what you need to know if you are taking a sleep aid or think you should.

How Sleep Aids Work

Sleep medications have one job, which is to affect the brain to promote drowsiness. Some medicines are designed especially to act as sleeping aids; others are sedative medicines.

The following guide includes sleeping pills most frequently used. Before using a sleep aid, please talk to your doctor.