Mini Consultation


Hi mama! Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about your child's sleep habits and just need some input and simple advice on what to do?

Do you wish you had someone that could help guide you with a concern you have related to your child's sleep?

This package is the perfect fit for parents looking for a one on one phone call  to ask all their questions and get answers and tips on what to do to remedy sleep concerns.


If you have one area of sleep that needs addressed, this package will be the right package for you. 

This can be used for children any age (newborn to preschool).

Great for developmental leaps, bumps in the sleep road or one off sleep concerns that you can't seem to figure out!

The Mini Consultation includes:

  • One (45) Minute Phone Call to discuss your struggles and concerns with your child's sleep issues.

  • Discuss all questions and set in place a game plan for your child moving forward.

  • Fourteen Days of access to me via Voxer, to ask  any follow up questions or if you have any other concerns you forgot to discuss.

Invest in you and your babies sleep for $199. 



Phone: 615-418-0434


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